Monday, January 25, 2010

Question of the Week 1/27/10

Finish this sentence: I've always wanted to ________________.


Meagan said...

explore Australia from the pouch of a kangaroo.

Morgan said...

see the northern lights while riding on a sled with Balto in the lead pulling me along.

Lena said...

Ride a horse at a full gallop,
travel overseas,
Shave my head,
Live off my wits in the woods,
Play in a mariachi band,
Have my own studio space,
domesticate squirrels,
and perform in a play. You know... the kind with a script.

Erik said...

*have a really big dog
*have a pet bear (he'd be like the king dog)
*write a really good original praise song
*be a better singer
*be satisfied with the number of musical instruments I own
*learn to play the drums, harmonica, cello, piano, and low whistle

stuart said...

take a sabbatical before running for President

Marie said...

sail on the ocean
go to new zealand
go to Boston in the fall
put my feet in the Pacific Ocean
backpack through Europe
be in a Broadway musical
swim in a clear ocean

Aaron said...

backpack the AT
travel the world
make a canoe
work on a farm
find gold in the Yukon
restore an old motorcycle and drive it from coast to coast
speak like a Cajun

Shannon said...

travel overseas, act in an amazing play/Broadway musical

Ross Hansen said...
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Ross Hansen said...

Be able to dunk a basketball
Be able to do a backflip
Climb a ridiculous mountain A.K.A. Mt. Fuji/Kilimanjaro/Everest and then yell something along the lines of "I am man"
Be bilingual
Visit my ancestral land of Norway

P.S. wish I could have made it tonight. Lo siento.