Saturday, September 12, 2009

Question of the Week 9/16

What is your most interesting scar? (include the story behind the scar, please)


Tyler said...
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Tyler said...

I think it's definitely the new one I got on my elbow.

I was playing Extreme Hide and Seek (aka Manhunt) with some friends back home, and I ran down a huge embankment and smashed my head, sprained my shoulder, and got a sweet strawberry of my left elbow.

CAT scans aren't cheap!

Erik said...

When I was 7 I bit a hole in my own tongue.

I was at gymnastics practice, seeing how far I could jump from a standstill. I forgot to keep my tongue behind my teeth, I landed, and a minute later wondered why my mouth tasted salty. My parents took me to a hospital where I spent a couple of hours being jabbered at by doctors and nurses in very rapid Spanish (I was living in Uruguay at the time), got 6 or 8 stitches and talked funny for the next few days. The scar isn't visible, but you can feel it when I'm back in town next week.

Jared said...

Ok, so this scar is actually going to be in place hopefully as soon as possible due to the fact that it would be from a current wound. So here's the story: Me and two other guys are planning golf on the Friday before the first football game...after the 7th hole, we come to a place in the cart path where we have to cross a road in the the neighborhood of the golf course. Well it just so happens that there are high bushes in the middle of the road about 10 yards to our right. As we go to cross the road, we get t-boned by a car due to the blind spot. The consequences of the accident: 1 busted radiator, 1 busted bumper, some bruises, a chunk out of my leg, and a shattered 3 wood. We were really fortunate though that it was not worse, but it was a solid collision and the scar has yet to take place.

Awesome Liz said...

Where oh where do I begin?

Well, I have 3. (I'll go in chronological order)

I was over at the neighbors across the street on a porch swing that just so happened to be over a concrete slab. The neighborhood girl who was your friend, but not your friend was on the swing with me. The next thing I know, I'm on the slab with a gashed knee. It's probably the one time I didn't cry.

I was riding my bike one day in the driveway and up and down the street. So I'm riding down the hill, when my dog runs out in front of me. Next thing I know -- BAM -- like Emeril Lagasse (SP?) and I've got a gashed elbow. The sad thing is, I forgot all about the incident and years later, I though it was ringworm and freaked out for a while. I promise you, it's not ringworm. :]

This one, I can blame on my sister's peer pressure abilities. So I'm at home alone with my sister, bored with nothing to do. My sister gets the bright idea to slide down the stairs. This isn't your normal slide down the stairs, rather a slide on the dry-erase board. So I decide to partake of this fun-having, and slide down. It was loads of fun, and it must have given me a huge adrenaline rush, because I didn't feel it slicing my hand wide open so that you could see the tissue and such below. It wasn't until I saw my hand that I freaked out and started bawling my eyes out, more worried about getting in trouble for the sliding than my hand.

Oh, by the way, there were no emergency trips to the hospital/stitches for me, but Murphy got to go for hers.

stuart said...

I have a scar on my right leg from the summer before seventh grade. At Southside beach in SC, I was stung (dare I say, attacked) by a man-of-war (or jellyfish as the culprit was never caught). I felt something deliberately wrap around my leg and then squeeze very tightly, releasing hot pain into my thigh. Where the tentacles brushed other parts of my leg there were stings as well, but I had/have a definite scar where the actually wrapping occured. The home-ade remedy - straight cleaning strength ammonia on a wet paper towel - ahh, relief...

Marie said...

Ok so I have two scars and both stories are totally lame in every way.

Scar #1: Right hand, I got either poison ivy or poison oak when I was little after playing in my back yard. I did not listen to my parents and scratched away and now there is a scar that remains to this day.

Scar #2: Right forearm, my little brother had gotten two rabbits and so I went to go pick one of them up and it scratched me and yes there is a scar, so that was the first and last time I picked up that stupid rabbit.

Yes those are my scar stories, very sad and pathetic I know, but I guess I'm not a very physically adventurous person.

murphy said...

well i have two and they have lovely names that come with them!

#1. I'll start this one off with the carpet were white and the halls were really long (keep that in mind)....SO it's around 11 and since i could NOT go to sleep i got the munchies and decided to go and get the AMAZING ham that we had for dinner that night...well of course I was only 7 at the time i really don't know that the knife i picked just so happened to be the sharpest knife in the house!!! and i wasn't tall enough to set the ham on the counter so i started cutting the ham while it was in the fridge so as i got my AMAZING ham as i was eating it i notice there was blood and lots of it!! so what does a 7 year old do when something was wrong??? go to their sister that was still up watching TV might i add... when i told her i cut my finger, blood was dripping everywhere (remember the white carpet) she didn't care at all and told me to get mommy...but i was to scared b/c my mommy was already asleep and gets cranky when woken up SO she finely help me out and to make a long story short i went to the hospital to get $50 band-aids which really i didn't need them and ended up with blood stains on the carpet and i wasn't aloud to cut things for a long time....(oh i call that finger my ham finger)

#2 i just got home from somewhere and i wanted some carrots with ranch as i was cutting the carrot the knife slipped and sliced my thumb really bad..i said some words which got my moms attention so she told me to run some water over it and i kept saying "i was fine" over and over again and then saying "it's just blood" over and over again THEN i had really bad ringing in my ears and my knees were giving out and everything was a blur and then i was on the floor and everyone was trying to keep me on my feet which mins. later we figured out i faint at the site of blood =]and now i call it my carrot thumb

David said...

Well probably the one that sticks out in my mind is last semester when i was riding my bike back to my apt (calhoun courts). it was during the fall when acorns are everywhere, and i was of course racing my roomate chapman (winning) going down toward the South entrance and i leaned in to the turn....
and yep my bike flew out from underneath me. I then proceeded to superman slide on the concrete. leaving me tore up on both knees and a sweet scar on my left hip.

Shannon said...

First, let me tell you all that this is Jason's scar story... not Shannons!

Let's see, because of my accident-prone nature and my love for the intensity that is soccer, I have more scars than I can put on this blog....

This scar is probably the most epic and interesting of the scars I have acquired over the years

Location: Forehead, on the hairline (very faint now because I was young)

Injury: Cracked skull requiring head staples and 25 stitches

Account: So I was playing in a tournament in West Virginia back in middle school. It was the quarterfinal match against the #4 ranked team in Ohio and late in the second half. I dove for a header off a corner kick attempting to score. Apparently my momentum carried me further than I had anticipated and I ended up colliding with the goal post. At this point, my body was contorted around the goal post and I blacked out. Apparently a helicopter airlifted me to the nearest hospital where the staples and stitches took place. The funny thing about all of it: the first thing I asked when I came to, was if I scored the goal (which I did, it was the game winner!)

Paul-e G said...

So, this one time at band camp (actually my house) i put a can of beans on top of a flag pole. Later when i layed down to study i put my feet on the flag pole and knocked over the beans. Lo and behold, my head was in perfect position and i had a can of beans head on colision (literally ha!). Now i have a scar right by my eyebrow and i'm pround of it!